We have known for years that questioning is an important life skill and a major learning and thinking skill.
Many schools are now becoming convinced that facilitating students' questioning skills is a major aspect that their classroom programmes should be addressing. It also follows that if this is a major goal then we need to have some form of suitable assessment tools that allow us to determine if the learning experiences and teaching practices we put in place are having a positive impact on student skills. There seem to be a number of questions we need to answer and some resources we need to develop if we are serious about impacting on our students' questioning skills

We need to ask ourselves:

  • What aspects of questioning are important to target?
  • How do we define what an effective questioner is?
  • What constitutes a 'good' question?

We need Resources:

  • That provide some form of framework to assist teachers as they work with their students on questioning,
  • That provide a tool, rubric or structure that allows teachers to assess students questioning development, and a tool that allows students to self assess their own questioning skills.