Student Questioning:

Aim: To assist schools to take deliberate informed action that will raise pupil questioning skills.
This process usually includes a number of aspects, depending on the school’s current position at the start of the process.
  • To assist schools/teachers to examine their beliefs and understanding about the role of questioning in learning and thinking.
  • To address the issue of what makes a good question and what makes an effective questioner.
  • Expose teachers to the QuESTioning rubric, give them a practical experience at writing and evaluating their own questions
  • Assist schools who decide that it is warranted, to carry out school-wide baseline assessment in question skills, provide a spreadsheet that allows easy school-wide data analysis
  • Provide or lead the initial moderation of questioning.
  • Support teachers in the development of inquiry or teaching units that are worded in such a manner to facilitate and support pupils in their questioning.
  • Assist teachers in classroom strategies to model good questioning, model self assessment of questioning and to facilitate good questioning practices in their own classrooms.